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Bruce Bennett

Bruce Bennett has been the primary contributor to Mad About Movies since it began in 2003. He is an award winning film and theater critic who, since 2000, has been writing a weekly column in The Spectrum daily newspaper in southern Utah as well as serving as a contributing editor of “The Independent,” a monthly entertainment magazine. He is also the co-host of “Film Fanatics” a movie review show which earned a Telly in 2009. Bruce is also a featured contributor at:

His motto: "I see bad movies so you don't have to."

What Happens in Vegas

What Happens in Vegas? Not much.

This derivative rom-com works best when the leads (Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher) are exacting revenge on each other after an alcohol-induced one night stand results in both a jackpot and a marriage both are determined to destroy. After that you still have about 45 minutes to endure rather than enjoy.

Grade: B
Rated PG-13 for some sexual content, language, a drug reference.

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